Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

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Do you have any makeup tips for women over 40?


Thank you for your message, Mama! Here are some makeup tips for you fierce SuperWomen out there!

First of all, I recommend using a primer before you apply your makeup to fill in all those fine lines and wrinkles! Check out the video for my Perfect Prep Poreless Primer...This incredible primer smooths out and resurfaces your skin, keeping your makeup morning fresh all day!

For eyes, a smokey eye seems scary (especially for women over 40), but it’s actually youthful and sexy and it doesn’t have to be a rock-n-roll smokey eye. It can be a soft halo of color that can look finished. Check out my demo video to see how easy it is!

Drawing in the eyebrows in a very natural way is definitely important! I recently taped the Eyebrow Intervention makeover for the Rachael Ray Show. There are a couple different examples that are relevant to many women out there. A fuller brow is definitely more attractive but just make sure you use a waterproof formula to insure that it lasts all day. I recommend my 24/7 Professional Brow Shaping System. Also remember that well-groomed brows will make you look put together and polished!

Last but not least, for lips, ditch the dark lip color! Always go for a natural pink to make you look younger and fresher!!!

Hope this helps!