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Posted on March 20, 2012 by mindgrub There have been 0 comments

Bright lips are just so right for now! They are modern, fresh, youthful, and brighten your whole face. My favorite part about a bright lip is that it takes only five seconds to swipe on, but it makes a huge impact.

For so many seasons, we have seen amazing, bright colors make their way onto the runway in terms of clothes, but now they are getting incorporated into makeup, which is very exciting! I think women are getting a little more adventurous with color. For so long, it was about that nude, natural looking lip. What women are realizing now is that wearing a bright lip brightens the whole face.

Four steps to putting lipstick correctly:

  1. Make sure that your lips are soft and smooth. Start by using a gentle lip scrub or a baby's toothbrush to exfoliate, then follow with a moisturizing lip balm.
  2. Apply a lip primer to help the color go on smoothly. It will allow the lip product to go on evenly and stay color true all day.
  3. I like to line the lips with a lip liner that matches your lip tone. This is especially helpful if your lips are smaller, or if you have any fine lines around the mouth. Want to make your lips look fuller? Instead of defining the cupid's bow, connect the two peaks with the liner. Also lip liner will prevent lip color from feathering and seeping into any fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Fill in the lips with your lip color, either straight from the tube, or with a lip brush for more precision. You can also pat the color into your lips using your finger to create a beautiful, sheer wash of color.

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