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  • Mally Lashes

    Mally Lashes

    Adding falsies will still perk up your whole face, making you look sexy, feminine, and flirty!
    Eye Shades:


    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price: $10.50

    Out of stock

  • Evercolor Satin Lipstick

    Evercolor Satin Lipstick

    Bold, rich, long lasting color that nourishes lips.
    Lip Shades:

    Cool RedNeutral RedWarm Red

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price: $11.25

  • Ultimate Performance Perfector Pencil Duo

    Ultimate Performance Perfector Pencil Duo

    A concealer pencil duo that conceals your pesky small areas, defines your lip line, acts as a lip primer, brightens the whites of your eyes, and makes the colors pop.


    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price: $15.40

  • The Perfect Bright Lip Kit

    The Perfect Bright Lip Kit

    A must-have lip kit that helps to deliver the most beautiful, bright, luscious lips you can imagine.

    Frisky FuschiaSexy Siren

    Regular Price: $26.00

    Special Price: $19.50

    Out of stock

  • Celebrate! Eye Shadow

    Celebrate! Eye Shadow

    Every girl needs a good party shadow! The perfect combination of a warm, pretty shade with hints of sparkly light. The sparkles catch the light without looking harsh, and give your eyes the glint, gleam, and sparkle that helps celebrate everything (even if it's just going to work)!

    Spiked Champagne

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price: $13.13

  • Spring Into Nails

    Spring Into Nails

    Show off your gorgois self with a fresh new manicure! Work it girl!

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $37.50

  • Liquid Face Defender Blush

    Liquid Face Defender Blush

    Blends beautifully with your skin tone to give your cheeks a sheer pop of color to create a perfect professional look that gives you fresh looking skin that is gorgeous and poreless.
    Face Shades:


    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price: $22.50

  • Flirty

    Forever Silk Duo

    The ultra-soft applicator helps you expertly apply the perfect amount of shadow without the worry of smudging through the day.
    Eye Shades:


    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price: $26.25

  • Waterproof Luminous Liquid Eyeliner

    Waterproof Luminous Liquid Eyeliner

    This unique formula is packed with special polymers and high reflecting pigments that glide on seamlessly, dries quickly and leaves a shiny, high color payoff finish that will last and last.
    Eye Shades:

    AmethystBlack DiamondSequin

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price: $15.00

  • Melted Lipstick Duo

    Melted Lipstick Duo

    Evercolor Melted Lipsticks are jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, aloe, avocado, and olive oil to protect and condition. The end result is juicy, fuller looking, long lasting color all while soothing and caring for your lips.
    Lip Shades:


    Regular Price: $38.00

    Special Price: $28.50

  • Illuminating Body Shine

    Illuminating Body Shine

    This magic wonder works to give you gorgeous, glowing skin.
    Body Shades:


    Regular Price: $28.00

    Special Price: $14.70

    Out of stock

  • Forever Silk Liquid Eye Shadow

    Forever Silk Liquid Eye Shadow

    Forever Silk is a smooth, gorgeous eye shadow formula that wakes up eyes and delivers smooth, creaseless wear.

    Amber GlowLavenderMinkMossSilk Brown SugarSilk ChampagneSilk CognacSunlight

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price: $18.75

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