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Pro Tricks

Pro Tricks

Highlight and Contour


Fresh & Flawless

  1. Highlight

    Pro-Tricks Correcting PaletteUsing the lightest shade, brush along your cheekbones, along the center of the nose, a "T" above your eyebrows and make a line from lip to chin. Use a brush or your fingers to blend.

  2. Shape

    Pro-Tricks Correcting PaletteMake your fish face! Blend in the darkest shade below your cheekbone to make your face even more defined. Start right below your ear and blend. Go all the way to your temples to even out the look and make your highlighter pop!

  3. Shade

    Pro-Tricks Correcting PaletteUsing the middle shade of your palette run your middle finger along the sides of your nose, from between your eyes to the bottom of your nose.

  4. Show me what you got!

    Pro-Tricks Correcting Palette My Loves! Show me your contoured, concealed, and highlighted looks through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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