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Bold Aquamarine Eyes

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Aquamarine Eyes

Follow these 3 simple steps to get amazois aquamarine eyes
fresh and flawless
  1. Line your liner

    Line your liner with Evercolor Waterproof Eyeliner in Caribbean SeaUse super-pigmented Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner in Caribbean Sea to accent your eyeliner by applying it just above your liner. And if you’re feeling extra bold, use it as a crease-proof and bulletproof eye shadow.
  2. Add depth in hi-def

    Use Ultimate Performace Ink Liner along lash base Go for more definition and pop! The Ultimate Performance Ink Liner was designed to perfectly match the shape of your hand so you can trace directly along the base ofyour lashes with amazing precision. The soft fibers on the tip ensure what you lay down is never too goopy or too dry.
  3. Finish at high volume

    Use Volumizing Mascara to finishComplete your look with a quick and easy coat of our Volumizing Mascara on the top and bottom. Make sure you press up against the lash line and wiggle your way up, combing from the base of your lash through the tip.

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